4 Great Cell Salt Pairs and then some

4 Great Cell Salt Pairs and then some

Michelle RussellFeb 14, '23

February, a time when thoughts turn to dreams of warmer weather and chocolate. Since it is also the month of Valentine’s Day, we thought we would look at some stellar cell salt pairs. Think Oprah and Stedman, Elton and David, or McCartney and Lennon. They just work and go so well together.

Birds of a Feather – Calc Fluor and Calc Phos

These two cell salts are important for things bone related. Mainly thought of as cell salts for supporting children’s teeth and growth development, this team is so much more than that. They work together to deal with teeth and bones at all ages, overall nutritional absorption, and skin ailments. When they’re joined with silica they are all set to improve hair, teeth and nails.

Yin and Yang – Nat Mur and Nat Sulph

These two are the beautifully balanced pair of cell salts that deal with regulating water in the body. Nat mur attracting and regulating cellular moisture levels and nat sulph eliminating excess water. They are a wonderful complement to each other.

Power Couple – Kali Phos and Mag Phos

Kali Phos and Mag Phos are the Beyonce and Jay-Z of the cell salts. They each are extremely powerful on their own and work their magic in their focus area – mag phos for muscles and kali phos for nerves. Yet when paired together, they are so much more effective as they deal with almost every type of cell in the body.

Dynamic Duo – Calc Phos and Silica

These two cell salts work together like Batman and Robin fighting infection and eliminating unwanted waste from the body. They are important salts in elimination and healing with calc phos giving that extra clout to silica.

Single and Ready to Mingle – Ferr Phos

Since ferr phos is important for the movement of oxygen and other key elements in the blood, it is good at pairing with many of the other cell salts: with kali mur for colds, with calc sulph or nat phos for joints, and with kali sulph to get oxygen to all the cells. This salt can’t be tied down to just one partner.

While taking one cell salt at a time is a preferred method for homeopathy, there may be symptoms that can be dealt with effectively with a combination of two or more salts. You can discuss this with your health practitioner, or if you are forging your own path, the following quick blog post may be of help:

Can I take more than one cell salt at a time?