FAQ: Can I drink coffee when I take cell salts and other homeopathic remedies?

FAQ: Can I drink coffee when I take cell salts and other homeopathic remedies?

Christy ZettlNov 25, '21

This is the number one question I get when someone is about to start taking homeopathic remedies like Schuessler tissue cell salts: Can I still drink coffee when I take them? Yes and no.

Disclaimer: I am going to say some controversial things on this subject that not all homeopaths are going to agree with. However, these opinions are based on what I have observed over and over in modern day clinical practice.

For anyone that knows about homeopathic remedies, they also have heard that drinking coffee counteracts remedies.

I think it depends on the person and their tolerance for caffeine. When homeopathic principles and philosophy were being developed, coffee was also relatively uncommon and most people were greatly affected by the caffeine in it. Coffee can have a tremendous effect on the nervous system and it is this effect that we are looking to minimize when taking cell salts and remedies.

Anything (like coffee) that causes your nervous system to overreact (shaking hands, racing heart, racing thoughts, etc.) should be avoided whenever possible. This could cause a counteraction. Anything that overwhelms your nervous system can counteract the remedy. Dental procedures, anesthetic, and other stimulants are common examples.

If you have one cup of coffee in the morning and that's been your routine for years, then there is usually no problem. If your doctor has advised you stay away from caffeine, then continue to do that. 

Ideal conditions to take a cell salt

BEFORE: The most important thing before taking a homeopathic remedy like a cell salt is to take it on a neutral mouth, i.e., there are no strong flavours or tastes. Neutral. You can rinse your mouth well with clean water beforehand to help.

DURING: Let pellets dissolve under and around the tongue.

AFTER: Wait 5 minutes before drinking water. Try to wait 15 minutes for food or other beverages. Longer for strong flavours like coffee, curry, peppermint. The cell salt is being absorbed via the mouth so as long as we can wait for it to do that, the better.

What do I do if I've counteracted the cell salt?

It's simple, repeat the cell salt. If the counteraction is happening regularly, consider your daily habits and what could be adjusted to prevent this.