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FAQ: How are cell salts different from supplements and vitamins?

Jun 15, '23

Now commonly known as micro-dosing, cell salts are the original mineral micro-dosing method to encourage your body to optimally regulate and balance mineral salts (aka cell or tissue salts) essential to cellular health.

All About Jackson's 12 in 1 Tissue Cell Salt Combination

Jan 31, '22

Jackson’s 12 in 1 Mineral Salt is the first Certified Vegan (by Vegan Action) tissue cell salt containing all twelve salts in the 6X homeopathic potency. ackson’s 12 in 1 is manufactured in the USA for potency and purity. No fillers or additives like lactose, acacia gum, guar gum, magnesium stearate are ever used.

FAQ: Why do you use sugar as the base for your tissue salts and not use a liquid or lactose tablet format?

Apr 23, '21

We chose beet sucrose as the base for our cell salts because it is as shelf stable as lactose but is clean, traceable, and plant-based. We can trace where the beets were grown to make the pellets and can verify they were grown organically. The same cannot usually be said...

FAQ: Do you offer any guarantees?

Apr 13, '21

When it comes to health outcomes, a company should never make guarantees. There is a reason why health practitioners (conventional or otherwise) are prohibited from doing so in their practice by their Code of Ethics. Everybody is different and responds differently to different medicines and health products. There is often no way of knowing how someone will respond to a product until they take it.

Homeopathic Cell (Tissue) Salt Name Chart

Apr 7, '21

Ever get confused with all the different names for Schuessler cell (tissue) salts? Use this easy reference chart to quickly find out what salt is what.

FAQ: How much sugar and carbohydrates are in your Certified Vegan (, lactose free cell salts?⁠

Apr 2, '21

We chose beet sucrose as the base for our lactose free cell salts because it is just as shelf stable as lactose tablets but it is from a cleaner and more environmentally friendly source. Beet sugar has a special advantage of not using bone char to filter it during the processing. This is great for vegans and people concerned about the use of animal byproducts to process our foods, natural health products, and cosmetics. In contrast, bone char is frequently used in processing cane sugar and vegans should be aware of this too.

FAQ: Can I take more than one cell salt at a time?

Feb 23, '21

Short answer: The ideal would be to take one cell salt at a time but it is safe to combine and take multiple. Long answer: We recommend one at a time so it’s easier for you to assess its results and so you can be more sure of what is helping and what is not. Here are some simple cell salt dosing protocols to get started with.