About us

Jackson’s Naturals is a Canadian company with a conscience. It was built from the beginning with health and the environment in mind.

After recommending Schuessler salts in her practice for many years, the founder and homeopath, Christy Zettl, started Jackson's to give people a high quality cell salt line that doesn't contain fillers, additives and is packaged in traditional amber glass for optimal storage.

Jackson's Guiding Principles


Natural remedies and minerals in a homeopathic potency that keep their strength (potency) over their entire shelf life.

Every Jackson’s product is prepared to HPUS* standards to a 6x potency and stored in traditional amber glass bottles to protect the cell salts from degradation and potency loss. Homeopathic remedies, like cell salts, are sensitive substances so they needed to be handled with care and protected in amber glass.

Jackson's Naturals products are the antidote to the prevailing ‘sledgehammer’ approach to managing health. More is not always better and often a well guided nudge in the right direction is all the body needs to get back on track. We encourage customers to use the minimum amount needed to effect change and homeopathic doses are perfect for that.

*Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States


Products that are made from pure, traceable ingredients and contain only what’s needed.

Our pellets are made from sucrose and are vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free. Fillers, like magnesium stearate or acacia gum, and animal by-products, like lactose and bone char, are never used.

The use of HPUS methods and standards during manufacturing ensures each cell salt is made as it should be and and there is no contamination during the production process. Each batch is tested for quality and purity before sale.


We feel a strong responsibility to limit our negative impact on the planet and that informs every decision we make.

Everything we do has a greater impact beyond ourselves, positive and negative. We have made difficult business decisions with this in mind and do not cut corners with ingredients, materials, and processes. Everything comes back to: "what is the greater impact and implications if we use _______ ?"

Choosing glass over plastic for our packaging, using biodegradable shipping materials, operating a (near) zero-waste office, and joining 1% for the Planet to help offset our environmental impact are four important steps we have taken so far.

"If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves"
~Emily Dickinson

How it all started

I started Jackson’s Naturals in 2016 to help more people maintain their health and hopefully prevent the onset and severity of many of the chronic conditions I see in my practice today. In the last 17 years, I have seen numerous clients reduce and prevent the need of stronger medications by trying homeopathy first. There is usually a window of time where you can try something safe and natural like homeopathic remedies and very often that is all that is needed to get back in balance.


Jackson's Team

About Christy

I am a degree trained classical homeopath in private practice from 2009 - 2021. I graduated in 2008 with a BSc (Hons) Homeopathy from the University of Westminster (London, UK).

In my free time, I am outside in nature with my family. I love to garden and am especially interested in permaculture theory at the moment!

About Michelle

As a lifelong learner, I enjoy using my science, psychology, business and design credentials when developing the packaging and marketing materials. Additionally, I use my interest in the 3 R's to create systems to improve the office environmental practices. Like everything, it is all a work in progress.

When not focusing on the business, my interests run as wide as my roles in the company.


Jackson's Naturals is a division of Zettl Health Inc.