What the beet? Top five reasons to use beet sucrose for compounding tissue cell salts

Mar 23, '23

Cell salts are microdoses (usually in a 6X homeopathic potency) so they must be compounded with something to make the finished product. Traditionally compounding has been done with lactose sugar because it was readily available to use. We choose organic beet sucrose for many reasons.

Cell Salts and Women’s Health

Mar 8, '23

It's International Women's Day this month and it made us think about which cell salts are associated with various female symptoms.

4 Great Cell Salt Pairs and then some

Feb 14, '23

February, a time when thoughts turn to dreams of warmer weather and chocolate. Since it is also the month of Valentine’s Day, we thought we would look at some stellar cell salt pairs. Think Oprah and Stedman, Elton and David, or McCartney and Lennon. They just work and go so...

4 Vegan Snacks for Veganuary

Jan 31, '23

It's a new year. January, for many, is a time to turn over a new leaf and recommit to healthy goals and habits. Since Jackson's products are Certified Vegan (with, we thought Veganuary might be a good focal point. Snacking on plant based healthy alternatives is a good place to...

Cell Salts for Plants and Garden Part Two: Wet (West) Coast

Jun 28, '22

Read Cell Salts for Plants and Garden Part One Top 5 Tissue Cell Salts for a Wet, West Coast Using tissue cell salts for your plants and gardens is a great first step to improving the health of your plants and keeping gardens chemical and pesticide free. Below is a...

Cell Salts for Plants and Garden Part One

May 27, '22

Cell Salts for Organic Gardening Using tissue cell salts for your plants and gardens is a great way to improve the health of your plants and gardens with safe and non-toxic remedies. Here is a chart listing the most common uses of cell salts #1-12 in plants and gardening. Jackson’s...

Cell Salt Reference Chart to Use with George W. Carey’s “Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Body to the Signs of the Zodiac”

May 27, '22

If you are using your astrological sign to determine what cell salt to take, here are a couple of handy charts to find what number cell salt matches each astrological month and sign.

Cell Salts for Fitness and Vegan Bodybuilding

Apr 15, '22

Cell Salts for Fitness and Recovery Adding tissue cell salts to your fitness and workout regime can be a great way to optimize your recovery and support your body’s ability to build muscle and improve performance. Homeopathic cell salts are non-toxic, non-habit forming, and are designed to work with your...

All About Jackson's 12 in 1 Tissue Cell Salt Combination

Jan 31, '22

Jackson’s 12 in 1 Mineral Salt is the first Certified Vegan (by Vegan Action) tissue cell salt containing all twelve salts in the 6X homeopathic potency. ackson’s 12 in 1 is manufactured in the USA for potency and purity. No fillers or additives like lactose, acacia gum, guar gum, magnesium stearate are ever used.

FAQ: Can I drink coffee when I take cell salts and other homeopathic remedies?

Nov 25, '21

This is the number one question I get when someone is about to start taking homeopathic remedies like Schuessler tissue cell salts: Can I still drink coffee when I take them? Yes and no. Disclaimer: I am going to say some controversial things on this subject that not all homeopaths...

FAQ: How do I get started taking cell salts? I'm new to taking them.

Nov 19, '21

How to get started taking cell salts If you have never taken cell salts (aka tissue salts, Schuessler salts) before, you may want to consider taking Jackson's 12 in 1 Cell Salt Combination first. It is an overall tonic to help naturally improve energy levels and mineral absorption. If you...

Traditional Homeopathic References for Learning About Schuessler Cell Salts

Jun 29, '21

Here is a list of the top Homeopathic Materia Medicas for cell salt information. All the cell salt information on this website is based on these homeopathic references: An Abridged Therapy Manual for the Biochemical Treatment of Diseases (1898) by Dr. W Schuessler. Translated by L Tafel. (25th Edition). The...

How to take cell salts for optimal digestion

Jun 24, '21

Homeopathic cell salts are commonly used for a variety of digestive complaints. From heartburn, indigestion, bloating, loose or dry stools, hemorrhoids, to frequent or slow bowels; there is probably a cell salt that is a safe complement to your natural health routine. Important points for using cell salts with digestive...

How to take tissue cell salts for skin complaints like pimples, dandruff, and eczema

Jun 24, '21

Cell salts are commonly used in homeopathic medicine for a variety of skin complaints. From dandruff, athletes foot, pimples, acne, to eczema; there is probably a cell salt that can be tried. Learn about how to use them safely at home and important tips to make the most out of tissue cell salts.

FAQ: Why do you use sugar as the base for your tissue salts and not use a liquid or lactose tablet format?

Apr 23, '21

We chose beet sucrose as the base for our cell salts because it is as shelf stable as lactose but is clean, traceable, and plant-based. We can trace where the beets were grown to make the pellets and can verify they were grown organically. The same cannot usually be said...

What are Schuessler Cell Tissue Salts?

Apr 15, '21

Schuessler's theory is an offshoot of homeopathy. The 12 tissue cell salts used are homeopathic medicines first and foremost. They are used in a potentised form (usually in 6x potency) to aid absorption and help address imbalances in the tissues and cells of the body.  Tissue cell salts can be viewed as the supplements of homeopathic medicine, supporting the body's physiological processes and helping to restore vitality.