Call Salts for Pets Part Four: Cell salts for senior pets

Apr 16, '24

As any devoted pet guardian knows, there comes a time, all too soon, when your beloved animal starts to age. Developing age related symptoms is inevitable (for all of us at some point!) and using cell salts is a safe and natural adjunct therapy to support them as they get...

Cell Salts for Pets Part Three: Top 5 cell salts for your pet's digestion

Apr 15, '24

Cell salts can be a helpful adjunct therapy to help improve your pet’s digestion and smooth over digestive difficulties as they arise. Before discussing the top five cell salts for your pet’s digestion, it’s worth mentioning that many of our pet’s digestive problems are due to an allergy of some kind. In no particular order, here are the top 5 cell salts to support your dog or cat’s digestion...

Cell Salts for Pets Part Two: Top 5 cell salts for your pet's fur, skin, and nails

Apr 10, '24

Skin Problems in Pets Increasingly Common Having a pet with skin issues is an increasingly common problem today for many pet owners and guardians. Whether it’s due to a proliferation of food allergies (just like their owners!) or environmental factors; it seems commonplace these days to have an itchy pet...

Cell Salts for Pets Part One: The basics of how and when to give cell salts to your cat or dog

Mar 28, '24

Cell salts can be a safe and natural option for your pet’s health complaints. They don’t interfere with medication and work to improve their health by helping their body balance essential minerals and absorption. Very often we get inquiries at Jackson’s about giving cell salts to animals. We are by...

Top 5 Cell Salts for Spring Break and Traveling

Mar 20, '24

Spring break is upon us, and many families are choosing to travel. Whether to go somewhere hot on a vacation or to see family in other parts of the country, many have the itch to travel! With this change in environment and weather can come a host of ailments as our body adjusts. Here are the top cell salts for travelling.

Jackson's Spring News - New, improved, faster dissolving pellets

Mar 15, '24

Our improved pellets now dissolve TWICE AS FAST as before. This has been done without adding any other ingredients or fillers. Jackson's Cell Salts are always 3rd party Certified Vegan and 100% free from lactose and gluten.

FAQ: How are your cell salts made and what are they made with?

Jan 31, '24

How are Jackson's Cell Salts made? Jackson’s Cell Salts are made according to remedy monographs (i.e. guidelines)  found within the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). HPUS establishes standards to ensure the pharmaceutical quality and safety of homeopathic remedies. It an extensive reference works of homeopathic remedies and their...

Cell Salts for Plants and Gardens Part 3: Top 3 cell salt remedies to help your plants in El Niño weather

Jan 29, '24

  It certainly has been an interesting winter up here in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, BC, Canada). After several years of good snowfall on the mountains, this winter, we have gone from freezing -20°C (-4°F) to highs of 15°C (59°F) atmospheric rivers (it is positively spring like when the sun peeks out). ...

Quick conversion chart of old and new Jackson's Cell Salt names

Nov 26, '23

After five years of making great cell salts, we decided to tweak the names to better reflect our products and their composition. Below is a table showing the change in labelling with Jackson's Cell Salt product. The numbering #1-12 of each cell salt remains the same but now the product...

Cell Salt Descriptions from George W. Carey's Biochemic System of Medicine

Aug 17, '23

One of the most popular books today on cell salts is George W. Carey’s 1932 classic, "Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Body to the Signs of the Zodiac." In it, he combines astrological signs with cell salt descriptions. Read George W. Carey's general descriptions of each cell salt here. Below are his general descriptions of each cell salt  #1 to #12 from his comprehensive professional text, “The Biochemic System of Medicine (1894).

Happy Five Year Birthday! Jackson's Cell (Mineral) Salts has evolved to Jackson's Cell Salts

Jun 15, '23

After five years of much feedback and discussion with our customers we decided to tweak our brand name to what everyone calls us anyways - Jackson's Cell Salts! Look for new labelling in the coming months on our products.

FAQ: How are cell salts different from supplements and vitamins?

Jun 15, '23

Now commonly known as micro-dosing, cell salts are the original mineral micro-dosing method to encourage your body to optimally regulate and balance mineral salts (aka cell or tissue salts) essential to cellular health.

Cell Salts and Women’s Health

Mar 8, '23

It's International Women's Day this month and it made us think about which cell salts are associated with various female symptoms.

4 Great Cell Salt Pairs and then some

Feb 14, '23

February, a time when thoughts turn to dreams of warmer weather and chocolate. Since it is also the month of Valentine’s Day, we thought we would look at some stellar cell salt pairs. Think Oprah and Stedman, Elton and David, or McCartney and Lennon. They just work and go so...

4 Vegan Snacks for Veganuary

Jan 31, '23

It's a new year. January, for many, is a time to turn over a new leaf and recommit to healthy goals and habits. Since Jackson's products are Certified Vegan (with, we thought Veganuary might be a good focal point. Snacking on plant based healthy alternatives is a good place to...

Cell Salts for Plants and Garden Part Two: Wet (West) Coast

Jun 28, '22

Top 5 Tissue Cell Salts for a Wet, West Coast Using tissue cell salts for your plants and gardens is a great first step to improving the health of your plants and keeping gardens chemical and pesticide free. Below is a chart of the top five tissue cell salts for...