FAQ: Why do you use sugar as the base for your tissue salts and not use a liquid or lactose tablet format?

Christy ZettlApr 23, '21

We chose beet sucrose as the base for our cell salts because it is as shelf stable as lactose but is clean, traceable, and plant-based. We can trace where the beets were grown to make the pellets and can verify they were grown organically. The same cannot usually be said...

What are Schuessler Cell Tissue Salts?

Christy ZettlApr 15, '21

Schuessler's theory is an offshoot of homeopathy. The 12 tissue cell salts used are homeopathic medicines first and foremost. They are used in a potentised form (usually in 6x potency) to aid absorption and help address imbalances in the tissues and cells of the body.  Tissue cell salts can be viewed as the supplements of homeopathic medicine, supporting the body's physiological processes and helping to restore vitality.

FAQ: Do you offer any guarantees?

Christy ZettlApr 13, '21

When it comes to health outcomes, a company should never make guarantees. There is a reason why health practitioners (conventional or otherwise) are prohibited from doing so in their practice by their Code of Ethics. Everybody is different and responds differently to different medicines and health products. There is often no way of knowing how someone will respond to a product until they take it.

The Role of Potassium (K+) in the Body

Christy ZettlApr 12, '21

Potassium is necessary for the normal functioning of all cells, important to both cellular and electrical function. It is one of the main electrolytes in the body (along with Sodium and Chloride) which means it carries a tiny electrical charge. Hence its chemical symbol is K+. In homeopathy, all remedies made from Potassium compounds have ‘Kali or Kalium’ in its name.