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Article: Homeopathic Cell (Tissue) Salt Name Chart

Homeopathic Cell (Tissue) Salt Name Chart

Why are there three different names for one cell salt?

I know it's confusing. Homeopathy has a long tradition of using multiple remedy names for one homeopathic remedy. The same is true of the supplements of homeopathic medicine, cell (tissue salts). All the different names for the cell salts are correct; some are abbreviations of the longer Latin name, some are the common names, and the really long name is the full traditional spelling of the homeopathic remedy. The exception to this is Silica, but even Silica has another common homeopathic spelling of Silicea

With Jackson's Cell Salts, we used the common name of each cell salt as the brand name so it is clear what the ingredients are. For example, Kali = Potassium and Sodium = Natrum. If you look on the side panel of the bottle, under Medicinal (or Active) Ingredients, you will see the full traditional spelling of the homeopathic remedy:

Here is a handy cell salt name chart for when you need a quick reference of cell salt names:

Jackson’s Cell Salt Name

Homeopathic Remedy Name

Remedy Abbreviation

#1 Calcium fluoride

Calcarea fluorica 6x

Calc fluor 6x

#2 Calcium phosphate

Calcarea phosphorica 6x

Calc phos 6x

#3 Calcium sulfate

Calcarea sulphurica 6x

Calc sulph 6x

#4 Ferrum phosphate

Ferrum phosphoricum 6x

Ferrum phos 6x/Ferr phos 6x

#5 Potassium chloride

Kali muriaticum 6x

Kali mur 6x

#6 Potassium phosphate

Kali phosphoricum 6x

Kali phos 6x

#7 Potassium sulfate

Kali sulphuricum 6x

Kali sulph 6x

#8 Magnesium phosphate

Magnesia phosphorica 6x

Mag phos 6x

#9 Sodium chloride

Natrum muriaticum 6x

Nat mur 6x

#10 Sodium phosphate

Natrum phosphoricum 6x

Natrum phos 6x/Nat phos 6x

#11 Sodium sulfate

Natrum sulphuricum 6x

Nat sulph 6x

#12 Silica

Silica 6x

Sil 6x


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