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12 Essential Minerals for Cellular Health: An Introduction to Cell Salts

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12 Essential Minerals for Cellular Health: An Introduction to Cell Salts by David Card (October 2014)

This book presents a short, simple and readily-accessible summary of the internal and external therapeutic uses of the 12 essential tissue salts, commonly called "cell salts." The use of cell salts to treat a wide variety of health-related conditions has been extremely popular in Europe (especially in Germany) for many years. Today, there is widespread and growing interest in this branch of homeopathic treatment in the U.S., as evidenced by the inclusion of these twelve cell salts in special displays in health food stores across the country.

Much of what has been previously written on cell salts is in somewhat archaic medical language, which is decidedly hard to understand. Mr. Card's new book is different. He explains cell salts in a comprehensive fashion, yet simply, and in modern language; gives clear instruction in how to use cell salts, and supplies extensive lists of various disease- or imbalance-conditions that can be helped by cell salt supplementation. A section on the external uses of cell salts, something seldom revealed in the English language, is also included. Finally, the author makes a correspondence between the twelve signs of the zodiac and the use of each of the twelve different cell salts. The book is clearly indexed for ease of usage.

Customer Reviews

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Patti Patricia
Cell salt kit

I sent this to friend. Good delivery time.
Quality product.

Anushka Darcey
Mineral salts for family health

After dabbling in the use of cell salts for the last couple of years I was looking for a premium product with no added nasties. This is an excellent product in a great format for family use. I honestly swear by cell salts, at the first sign of a symptom I simply look up the relevant salt and offer the recommended dose for a few days. Any colds or flus don’t make it past the initial sniffle or sore throat and I also use the salts successfully to treat a plethora of common family ailments from growing pains to night terrors and everything in-between. Highly recommend.

Chanelle Paradis-Hamilton
Great booklet!

I definitely recommend adding this to your order for handy learning

leslie vanden
Excellent Book

This is a fantastic book. Highly recommend!