FAQ: How are cell salts different from supplements and vitamins?

FAQ: How are cell salts different from supplements and vitamins?

Jackson's NaturalsJun 15, '23

How are they different?

Taking cell salts is different from taking a traditional vitamin or supplement. The goal is NOT to supplement or physically replace mineral levels in the body. The goal when taking cell salts is to stimulate the body to regulate those levels of absorption itself. Cell salts should not be taken as a substitute for vitamins and supplements. Many people however find they naturally absorb their diet and vitamins better after starting a cell salt protocol.

“Restoration of the cell, and thereby of the body, will result from restoration of the deficit of the inorganic salts." – Dr. W. Schuessler (1898)

Cell salts are mineral microdoses

Traditional cell salts are low potency homeopathic remedies made to a 6X potency. 6X was Dr. Schuessler’s favourite strength for cell salts because of their quick absorption and bioavailability when taken orally. Now commonly known as micro-dosing, cell salts are the original mineral micro-dosing method to encourage your body to optimally regulate and balance mineral salts (aka cell or tissue salts) essential to cellular health.

Cell salts are different from your traditional vitamin or supplement as they are not intended to be used as a replacement for your body's endogenous creation of these minerals. The goal with cell salts is to use a micro-dose to stimulate the body to better regulate those mineral levels itself.

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