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Article: Cell Salt Descriptions from George W. Carey's Biochemic System of Medicine

Cell Salt Descriptions from George W. Carey's Biochemic System of Medicine

This article is for informational purposes about Schuessler's twelve cell salts. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Cell Salt Descriptions from George W. Carey's Biochemic System of Medicine

One of the most popular books today on cell salts is George W. Carey’s 1932 classic, "Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Body to the Signs of the Zodiac." In it, he combines astrological signs with cell salt descriptions.

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George W. Carey was first a homeopathic physician and follower of Dr. Schuessler biochemic theory of tissue cell salts. Below are his general descriptions of each cell salt  #1 to #12 from his comprehensive professional text, “The Biochemic System of Medicine: Comprising the Theory, Pathological Action, Therapeutical Application, Materia Medica, and Repertory of Schuessler’s Twelve Tissue Remedies” (1894).

Cell salt: #1 Calc fluor 6X

General Description: To know that a particular inorganic cell salt is indicated by specific symptoms is one thing, but to understand the process by which it operates to achieve certain outcomes is an entirely different matter. The fluoride of lime is present in tooth enamel, connective tissue, and the elastic fibers of all muscular tissue. A deficiency in elastic fiber within muscular tissue leads to conditions like uterine prolapse, varicose veins, and a general sensation of sagging. Hardened swellings arise due to a lack of this salt—the substance responsible for the hardened accumulation being elastic fiber or lime.

When a shortage of this lime salt, and consequently a lack of elastic fiber, occurs in connective tissue between the cerebrum and cerebellum, an abnormal thought process emerges, resulting in groundless fears of financial ruin. However, the student of Biochemistry will likely desire to comprehend the origin of the elastic fiber I refer to. It's evident that the molecules of fluoride of lime themselves are not elastic fibers. My view is that the lime salt in question combines with albumen and generates, that is, forms elastic fiber. Naturally, other organic substances and oxygen contribute to its creation, but the fluoride of lime molecules and pure albumen are the primary components.

MODALITIES. - Hot applications generally provide relief, particularly in cases of hardened conditions. Cold can be beneficial at times when contraction is necessary.


#2 Calc phos 6X

General Description: This salt collaborates with albumen, transporting it to bone tissue or any body part where it's required. It employs albumen as a binding agent to construct bone structure.

Bone comprises fifty-seven percent phosphate of lime, with the remainder consisting of gelatin, an albuminous adhesive substance, carbonate of soda, magnesium phosphate, and sodium chloride. Without lime phosphate, bone formation is impossible.

Calcium phosphate is present in gastric juice, and an imbalance often causes indigestion.

Calcium phosphate supplements the therapeutic effects of magnesium phosphate, as it more closely resembles the latter salt than any other. When Magnes. phos. is clearly indicated and fails to reinstate the normal state within a reasonable timeframe, Calc. phos. should be administered. It's reasonably certain that it has been drawn from the bloodstream to aid Magnes. phos.'s function, consequently leading to a deficiency in the lime salt.

MODALITIES. - Symptoms typically worsen at night, during damp and cold weather, or weather fluctuations, and from becoming wet. Improvement occurs in warm weather and within a warm environment.


#3 Calc sulph 6X

General Description: SULPHATE OF LIME is employed to cleanse accumulations of heteroplasm within tissue interstices. Its purpose is to facilitate the discharge of contents from infiltrated areas, enabling the removal of decaying organic matter. This prevents it from remaining dormant or gradually decaying, which could harm the surrounding tissue. A deficiency in this salt results in excessive and prolonged suppuration. It governs the process of suppuration.

While silica accelerates the suppuration process under normal circumstances, Calc. sulph. intervenes at the appropriate moment, sealing off the process if it's present in the blood in sufficient quantity. I have been questioned about why Calc. sulph. prevents or promptly concludes the process. My response is straightforward: A lack of this vitalizing inorganic worker in organic matter permits epithelial cells to deteriorate, causing tissue disintegration. Subsequently, fluids from the blood (serum) take up the waste and expel it through natural or artificial openings.

Other salts do hold significance in such conditions, but in genuine suppurations, Calc. sulph. invariably assumes the principal role. This is because genuine suppuration cannot take place when this essential worker is adequately present.

MODALITIES. - Deterioration occurs from moisture exposure. A warm, dry atmosphere greatly complements the remedy's action.


#4 Ferr phos 6X

Ferrum PHOSPHATE imparts a red hue to blood corpuscles, transporting oxygen throughout the body, thereby providing the vital force that sustains life. Maintaining health necessitates a proper equilibrium of iron within the bloodstream. In instances of deficient cell salt, the circulation escalates as the blood endeavors to distribute sufficient oxygen to all body tissues using the available iron, compelling swifter movement. The condition of patient discomfort known as "fever" does not solely arise from the feverish state or elevated temperature, but rather from iron molecule deficiencies and a subsequent oxygen scarcity. This molecular disturbance swiftly disrupts the continuity of other cell salts.

Inadequate ferrum molecules or an unbalanced presence in the bloodstream underlie the cause of "colds." For any such conditions involving inflammation, regardless of their designation, Ferr. phos. stands as the principal remedy.

MODALITIES. — Most ailments under this salt exhibit a congestive character, consequently relieved by cold and exacerbated by movement. Cold should be directly applied to the congestion for the relief to be palpable. If the inflammation dwells deep within, applying heat can alleviate the engorgement of deeper vessels.


#5 Kali mur 6X

General Description: POTASSIUM CHLORIDE should not be confused with potassium chlorate or chlorate of potash, as it is an entirely different salt. Fibrin is distinguished from albumen and caseine by separating, in a solid state, into delicate filaments in any fluid in which it is dissolved shortly after the fluid is taken from the organism. Biochemistry clearly shows that without the inorganic salt potassium chloride, no fibrin can be formed. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that the normal amount of fibrin cannot be properly dissolved in the blood without the correct balance of that cell-salt.

In all inflammatory states, Ferr. phos. should be administered alternately with Kali mur., as iron molecules carry oxygen, which becomes deficient when the proper balance is disrupted by fibrin outflow. It is clear to me that fibrin is produced by the action of chloride of potash, aided by oxygen, on specific albuminoids.

The white or gray coating on the tongue, mucous lining, or tonsils is non-functional fibrin due to a deficiency in potassium chloride and oxygen. Fibrinous exudations are also found in discharges or expectorations of thick, white slime or phlegm from any mucous membrane or in flour-like scaling of the skin.

MODALITIES. - All stomach and bowel symptoms worsen after consuming fats, pastry, or rich foods. Pain is intensified and exacerbated by movement.


#6 Kali phos 6X

General Description: THE GRAY MATTER of the brain is controlled entirely by the inorganic cell salt—potassium phosphate. This salt unites with albumen, and by the addition of oxygen, creates nerve fluid, or the gray matter of the brain. Of course, there is a trace of other salts and other organic matter in nerve fluid, but potassium phosphate is the chief factor. Therefore, when nervous symptoms arise due to the fact that the nerve fluid has been exhausted from any cause, the phosphate of potassium is the only true remedy because nothing else can possibly supply the deficiency. If all who are inclined to nervous disorders would carry Kali phos. with them in tablet form, a large amount of sickness and suffering would be prevented.

Let the overworked business man take it and go home good-tempered. Let the weary wife, nerves unstrung from attending to sick children or entertaining company, take it and note how quickly the equilibrium will be restored, and calm and reason will assert her throne. We find that this potassium salt largely predominates in nerve-fluid, and that a deficiency produces well-defined symptoms.

The beginning and end of the matter is to supply the lacking principle, and in molecular form, exactly as nature furnishes it in vegetables, fruits, and grain. To supply deficiencies — this is the only law of cure.

MODALITIES. - Symptoms are generally aggravated by noise, exertion, arising from a sitting position, etc. Pains are worse with continued exercise and after rest; symptoms are generally ameliorated by gentle motion, eating, excitement, or pleasant company; worse when alone.


#7 Kali sulph 6X

General Description: The "suffocative feeling" and "desire for cool air," which are particularly characteristic of Kali sulph., and caused by a deficiency of this cell-salt, can be explained as follows: Without an adequate amount of oil, the skin is unable to perform its functions properly. The pores become constricted, the skin dries out, and the symptoms indicative of Kali sulph. found in the repertory manifest. In a state of health, microscopic examination reveals the constant emission of small jets of steam from the skin's seven million pores. When these passageways are obstructed due to any cause, it becomes apparent that significant disturbances are likely to occur.

You might wonder why an imbalance in the potassium sulphate molecules would lead to an increase in temperature in the afternoon, which does not subside until around midnight. The explanation lies in the fact that during such times, the molecules of this salt serve as oxygen carriers. It's widely recognized that our breathing becomes deeper during sleep compared to when awake. As a result, the blood becomes enriched with oxygen during slumber. Individuals lacking potassium sulphate will remain awake until exhaustion sets in, with the body continuously signaling for the deficient molecules of this salt. Around midnight, they fall asleep due to exhaustion, initiating deep respiration that supplies oxygen to the blood and opens the pores. Consequently, blood circulation decreases, facilitating the escape of body heat through natural outlets. After waking, it takes a certain duration, hindered by imperfect breathing attributed to the scarcity of this salt, to once again close the pores and bring about these distinctive symptoms.

MODALITIES. - Aggravation occurs in a heated room or during the evening. The condition consistently improves in the cool, open air. A rise in temperature is observed in the evening until midnight.


#8 Mag phos 6X

General Description: MOLECULES of magnesium phosphate are primarily found in the white fibers of nerves and muscles. Nerves and muscles consist of numerous strands or fibers of varying colors, each serving as a distinct telegraph wire. Each fiber possesses conductive power or specialized affinity for specific organic and inorganic elements, carrying out their diverse functions through the operation of natural law. The actions of the white fibers seem to be governed by the molecular effects of the magnesia cell-salt.

When a deficiency in this salt arises, these white fibers contract, leading to a condition known as spasms or cramps. Essentially, it is nature's way of communicating, saying: "I require more magnesium phosphate." The designation we assign to the condition matters little; in the realm of Biochemistry, disease names are inconsequential entities.

In cases where there is a scarcity of magnesium phosphate in the muscular tissue of the stomach walls, the white fibers contract and reduce the stomach's cavity. To counter this and prevent collapse, a natural process generates gas from available materials, expanding to create a counter-force. Magnesium phosphate almost instantly alleviates such conditions. Would these results be attainable without the fundamental law of cure—supplying deficiencies?

A question may arise: How can molecules of a specific mineral salt provide a particular white nerve or muscle fluid? There certainly exists a distinction between the particles of an inorganic salt and the fluid that governs white fibers. Addressing these inquiries and endeavoring to elucidate the matter for everyone's understanding is the purpose of these brief articles. It is evident that the fluid in question is synthesized in the body's physiology.

The particles of magnesium phosphate inherently possess the capability—the potency—to generate this muscle and nerve fluid by merging with albumen, employing albumen as the foundational organic material, and invoking the life force, oxygen, for assistance. Each inorganic salt comprehends how to create a specific constituent of the human organism.

MODALITIES. - All symptoms associated with this remedy are alleviated by warmth, pressure, and rubbing, while they worsen in cold environments, cold air, and drafts, etc. If feasible, hot applications should always accompany the administration of this remedy.


#9 Nat mur 6X

General Description: This remedy was introduced by Hahnemann. Except for phosphate of lime, the human system contains more sodium chloride than any other inorganic salt. This situation becomes understandable when we recognize that our bodies are composed of about 70 percent water, which, without sodium chloride, would be inactive and useless. The salt's ability to utilize water renders it valuable to humans. This principle similarly applies to plants and vegetable life. Sodium chloride employs water to construct and sustain life's functions and to serve as a medium for expelling waste substances. Any shortage of this cell salt promptly disrupts the water equilibrium within the human organism, as it has lost the component necessary to fulfill its designated function. In cases of sunstroke, an insufficiency of sodium chloride permits moisture to be drawn from other regions, particularly the nape of the neck, exerting pressure on the brain's base, potentially resulting in perilous or even fatal outcomes.

The aforementioned salt effectively and swiftly alleviates the uncomfortable condition known as sunstroke.  I am eager to make transparent the modus operandi of the twelve inorganic salts, revealing that each one harbors a unique constructive or creative capacity. This salt can be likened to a brick mason or carpenter. Just as a brick mason constructs a brick wall with the supply of brick and mortar, a carpenter erects a wooden structure when provided with necessary lumber and materials. The carpenter serves as the worker or vitalizer of the inert organic material, possessing creative power to produce a structure. Similarly, the inorganic salts possess creative power to fashion something from organic matter, sustaining the chemistry of life.

MODALITIES. - Symptoms typically worsen in the morning, during cold weather, or in a saline atmosphere; relief is found in the evening. Complaints often arise after the excessive use of poisonous drugs. Symptoms manifest at regular intervals, periodically.


#10 Nat phos 6X

General Description: ACID, like a seeming evil, is all-pervading. It doesn't matter what name is assigned to a human system condition; acidity manifests itself through unpleasant symptoms. The body's fluids contain both alkali and acid, but a deficiency in acid never arises because it's organic, and akin to albumen, it's consistently present in adequate amounts when proper nutrition is maintained. Just as a proper balance of lime phosphate molecules is crucial for working with albumen to distribute and incorporate it into bone and other tissues, it's equally vital for an appropriate quantity of phosphate of soda to be present, serving as a collaborator with acid to combine and thereby form new compounds. This underscores that "an excess of acid" is an inaccurate description; the accurate phrasing should be: "A deficiency exists in the phosphate of sodium." This is where the innate creative power of inorganic salts comes into play.

An imbalance in the alkaline cell-salt within gastric juice permits the emergence of ferments, which hinder digestion and rapidly involve the lining. This leads to a thickening of bile and subsequent bilious diarrhea or other bilious disorders. For such conditions, Natr. sulph. must also be administered, even though Natr. phos. could have prevented such outcomes. Here, it's as evident as daylight that adverse symptoms stem from a dearth of specific inorganic salts.

MODALITIES. -no known modalities


#11 Nat sulph 6X

General Description: THIS inorganic salt is found in the intercellular fluids, and its principal office is to regulate the water in the tissue, blood, and fluids of the body. A deficiency of this salt prevents the elimination of such water from the tissue as is produced by the oxidation of organic matter, while sodium chloride properly distributes the water in the tissue, as has been shown. Sodium sulphate regulates the amount by having the power to eliminate any excess that may, from any cause, be present.

Second, in hot weather, where water is present, it is held in solution by the heat of the sun in the atmospheric air, and thus enters the blood through the lungs. Those who are weak, with impaired digestion, are then liable to so-called malarial troubles because the circulation cannot eliminate the excess of water from the blood due to a lack of a proper quantity of sodium sulfate molecules to do the work. To speak from a chemical view, I might say that one molecule of sodium sulfate has the power to take up and carry out of the organism two molecules of water. Now, I wish to make this matter so plain that none may fail to understand. Biochemistry has established the fact that chills and fever (or ague), cholera, yellow fever, and all ailments incident to hot weather are caused by an excess of water in the blood, and probably in intercellular fluids. These conditions arise from the inability of digestion and assimilation to provide a sufficient quantity of sodium sulfate to carry off the excess of water breathed into the blood through the lungs.

Among the inorganic salt-workers in the human economy, sodium sulfate works with water, maintains the normal consistency of bile and pancreatic juice, regulates water supply in intercellular fluid, and eliminates excess water from the blood.

MODALITIES. - All symptoms worsen in the morning and in damp, rainy weather; the condition improves in dry, warm atmosphere. Complaints arise from living in damp buildings, basements, etc., or from consuming water-plants, fish, etc. Symptoms are aggravated by the consumption of water in any form. Conditions that increase water in the system, such as residing in low, marshy places, "ague districts," will cause a molecular disturbance of Natr. sulph.


#12 Silica 6X

General Description: It was first proven by Hahnemann. The CHEMICAL action or function of silica as a worker in the human organism has never been clearly explained.

Previously, writers on Biochemistry have been content to outline its general action and assign it a place in the repertories based on specific symptoms. As we've been informed, it is a component of common quartz, found in hair, nails, skin, periosteum, neurilemma (nerve sheath), and present in trace amounts in bone tissue. This salt is relevant in all suppuration processes until the infiltrated parts have fully discharged the heteroplasm or accumulation of decaying organic matter, which might have reached a specific point during nature's endeavor to eliminate it from the system.

A shortage of silicea in the connective tissue between the cerebrum and cerebellum gives rise to a mental state in which thinking becomes arduous. But why? It's due to the connective tissue turning so negative due to the silica deficiency that it fails to function as a conduit for the brain's gray matter (a blend of potassium phosphate and albumen). By supplying molecular silica, the chemical affinity is restored, and normal thought processes resume.

MODALITIES. - Symptoms consistently worsen at night and during the full moon. Improvement occurs through warmth and within warm environments. Aggravation arises from suppressed foot sweat or foot chilling. Worsening transpires in open-air settings.

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