FAQ: How do I get started taking cell salts? I'm new to taking them.

FAQ: How do I get started taking cell salts? I'm new to taking them.

Jackson's NaturalsNov 19, '21

How to get started taking cell salts

If you have never taken cell salts (aka tissue salts, Schuessler salts) before, you may want to consider taking Jackson's 12 in 1 Cell Salt Combination first. It is an overall tonic to help naturally improve energy levels and mineral absorption. If you respond well to it then you can start to explore the individual cell salts #1 - 12 for more specific concerns. If you are certain about which particular individual salt you wish to take, then you will be able to follow the directions on the bottle for the standard approach to cell salt dosing.

Most people come to homeopathic remedies like cell salts because they have sensitive systems and cell salts tend to be tolerated well.

If you have already purchased cell salts and are not sure about how to take more than one salt at a time, please see this article for some options: Can I take more than one cell salt at a time?

When dealing with complex health issues, or you have questions about which salt is good for a particular complaint, we suggest that you consider purchasing a cell salt book to use as a guide as you learn about the twelve Schuessler tissue cell salts and their everyday uses.

Top tips on how to get started taking tissue salts if you are sensitive

  1. Go slowly. Start with one cell salt (like an overall one like Jackson's 12 in 1) and see how it goes.
  2. Reduce the dose. Take 2 pellets instead of 4.
  3. Dissolve dose in water. Stir well in a small amount of water (50 ml) before drinking. Hold liquid in mouth for 15-30 seconds before swallowing.
  4. Give enough time for absorption. Wait 15 minutes before and after dissolving in mouth before eating or drinking. Water is fine 5 minutes after or right before taking.
  5. Use a pure cell salt brand. If you are sensitive there is a good chance you could react to lactose and the other fillers and additives in other cell salt brands. Jackson's Cell Salts is proud to be the only Certified Vegan (vegan.org) Schuessler Cell Salt brand in the world.

When do I stop taking cell salts?

As with all homeopathic remedies, you can stop taking cell salts when your symptoms improve and diminish. If your symptoms return you can take again as before. If you are taking it as a daily supplemental support, stop taking when your levels are normal again and consider taking weekly breaks. For example, take 5 days on (Mon-Fri), 2 days off (Sat-Sun). You can stop taking at any time since it is safe to stop taking suddenly.